Values and Intentions

What do you want to aim for and achieve in this lifetime? In 10 years from now (if the world hasn’t completely blown itself up yet), will you look back with regret or will you admire the past; understanding that all the good and bad had come together and given you all that you had ever wanted and so much more.

We all have aspirations and if you are courageous enough to chase your dreams, no matter how big or impossible they may seem then we need to be in the same tribe! My challenge for you now is to keep it up and to always “begin with the end in mind”. We have aspirations but our self-esteem holds us back; our vision gets distorted and if we lose the battle of achieving our goals, we lose sight of ourselves in the frame we once envisioned and thus we never exceed our expectations.

Something as simple as setting goals; writing them down and being accountable with an action plan, will transform your dreams into reality.

What makes you feel happy each day?

I feel that in this materialistic world we attribute our happiness by what tantalises our mind as well as external factors like how others may perceive us. All of it contributes to our idea of happiness yet there are always more that we want; more money, more things, always wanting more of what we can’t have.

Worth is inherent.There is no one to prove anything to. We really are enough exactly as we are.

The challenge is that in this busy world we forget to seek simplicity and when we acknowledge that life is getting a little bit too much, we are so overwhelmed that simplicity seems impossible.

Sometimes we get ourselves in such a tangle with what we don’t want that we miss sight of a good opportunity. Unfortunately that “great divide” between our heart, brain and everything else that correlates (otherwise known as the soul) cannot differentiate between your likes and dislikes. What this means is if you focus on attributes you don’t want in life, you; yourself, will subconsciously manifest the unwanted just by letting that dwelling exist.

Tune: Out of Sight – Jonwayne

Sometimes when we are lacking the happiness and fulfillment each day there is an imbalance in our values. If you have set yourself goals and have created intentions but feeling “stuck” or as if you are not going anywhere, then it may be beneficial to look at how your lifestyle is aligning with your core values.

Core values

Core values are your personal beliefs which could also be recognised as the fundamentals that ultimately brings satisfaction into your life. In depth, it is your stimulation and your drive as you live each day. Find your core values here.

Go through the list in the link above and identify what your key core values are. Start with no more than 8 for now and write these down.

Connect your goals with your set of core values. Can you recognise a correlation?

Do I have to write it down?

By writing down what you want to intend and welcome as your present and future, what you actually want will be encompassed in your spirit. It will be written in your destiny. You will be gifting yourself the tools for carving the path to your fate. The fate that you have intended.

The most important aspect of intention setting is writing it down. It’s simpler to know in your mind what you intend to achieve but by putting your words to paper, you are establishing that daunting (but exciting!) requirement to creating your history.

Write it down

Begin by listing what you want, try and avoid what you don’t want as it is important that you remain focused and open to opportunities. Next, allow yourself to delve into each point. This includes breaking down your goal into more smaller goals so that you can visualise the bigger picture and going into further details of what is is that you want; when do you want to achieve the goal? Who will reap the benefits if you succeed? Why do you want to succeed this goal?

Remember to believe that you can aim higher than you can imagine. Take time to identify what holds you back and how you can conquer these roadblocks. Believe you deserve something more marvellous than fear. Take note…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

When you start working at your intentions and turning what you have written down into a plan to action, that is where the magic will begin. Most of the time it won’t be easy but trust yourself to follow through and trust me, you will eventually see the fruition of your hardwork.

I started writing mine in a notebook 5 years ago, dating back to 2012. Following my own rules, here I created a sanctuary of what I want my existence to amount to. I have also used vision boards and wishing jars to help encourage and prophesy my intentions into good habits in my lifestyle.

In 2016, after forming my WordPress blog the year before, I challenged myself to a 2 week project called Blogging 201. I started off my first assignment reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish with my blog and to translate my vision into three goals for the fortnight; this included a certain number of blogs to be posted each week, to gain so many followers over the 2 week period and to allocate specific time each week to do research.

The power of words and the strength of sentences is limitless. A core reasoning for why I blog is to transform my personal experience into a form of light and positive inspiration for others. If my blog, at the start, was to exceed my wildest dreams it would look like a vibrant hub where readers enter an atmosphere of a creative community, celebrating various walks in life. The blog which has now developed into this website has been a key foundation of seeing my dreams unfold in many ways.

Give it a go and if you are needing further coaching or support, you can get in touch.

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